• How Vitamins Can Help Mental Health

    How Vitamins Can Help Mental Health

    Taking vitamin supplements has long been known to be an excellent way to boost physical health. After all, even if you eat a nutrient-dense diet, there may be some vitamins and minerals you aren't getting, or that you need a bit more of to be at your healthiest.  Many people, for example, take fish oil supplements if they do not consume salmon and other...
  • Anxiety and Depression Awareness

    Anxiety and Depression Awareness

    It's okay not to be okay. Learn more about mental disorders such as depression that leaves many struggling to cope.
  • Matcha & Green Tea - Why is it so popular?

    Matcha & Green Tea - Why is it so popular?

    A look at the origins of the beloved drink. Tea, from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. In fact, it is only second to water.[1] Originally from China, it has been consumed for nearly four thousand years, often as a medicinal tonic.[2] Both green and black tea are made from the leaves...
  • Pet Care and Supplements

    Pet Care and Supplements

    Can supplements play a role in pet health? From the ancients to you and your own pets, domesticated animals have long been integral to society. There is a reason dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’, after all, and there have been studies that have found that just stroking your pet can lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Since pets are so important, we...
  • Essential Nutrients: Antioxidants

    Essential Nutrients: Antioxidants

    One of the fundamentals of healthy living. It is well known that regular consumption of a diet rich in plants such as fruits, vegetables and grains is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.[3] One of the reasons for this is because plant sources are rich in antioxidants. Spices, herbs and supplements are the richest source of antioxidants, but berries, fruits, vegetables and their...
  • Probiotics - what can they do for you?

    Probiotics - what can they do for you?

    For thousands of years microbial cultures have been used to ferment foods and prepare alcoholic beverages. Even the book of Genesis references the preparation of fermented milk.[6] Evidently, probiotics have been with us for as long as people have eaten fermented products. However, their association with health benefits dates only from the turn of the century.[1] Today, probiotics are used to help many different...
  • Supplements for Mothers in Sierra Leone

    Supplements for Mothers in Sierra Leone

    It is safe to say that the infrastructure around health in sub-saharan African countries is a work in progress. In Sierra Leone especially, the maternal mortality rate was estimated to be the world’s highest in 2015, at 1360 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.[1] And in 2018, it was found that women in Sierra Leone have a 1 in 7 life-time risk of dying...
  • Joint Pain - alternative therapies and remedies

    Joint Pain - alternative therapies and remedies

    A look at natural treatments for the condition. Joint pain and issues with joints are extremely common problems that many among us deal with daily. Most of this is due to aging, because aging leads to a decrease in the synthesis of collagen, plus the loss of glycosaminoglycans, which are responsible for the integrity and health of tissues.[1] Other reasons for joint deterioration or...
  • Essential Nutrients: Protein

    Essential Nutrients: Protein

    One of the most crucial components of a healthy lifestyle. Protein is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is a macronutrient, and it is essential for growth and repair of the body and maintenance of good health.[3] It is also required for building and repairing muscle and plays an important role in how the body responds to exercise, which...
  • Royal Jelly - miracle ingredient?

    Royal Jelly - miracle ingredient?

    An introduction to the wondrous features of this unassuming bee product. The important role that diet plays in preventing and treating illness is widely accepted. Nutritional foods are widely sought after, and the use of supplements for health continues to grow. Among foods that possess potential health benefits are those originating from the beehive, namely royal jelly.[10] Royal jelly is one of the most...
  • Collagen - Why is it Important?

    Collagen - Why is it Important?

    Collagen is currently one of the most popular nutritional supplements on the market. Many people have benefited from its properties, so what makes it such a sought-after product?  Collagens are proteins that are the main naturally occurring proteins in the body. Proteins are integral to the function of the body, as they have many different roles. Collagen contains structural proteins whose functions are different...
  • Lactoferrin - What are the Benefits?

    Lactoferrin - What are the Benefits?

    Lactoferrin. Not an ingredient that usually comes to mind when thinking of a supplement, is it? Many may not have even heard of it before. However, this multifunctional protein has a range of useful qualities, and it plays a number of very important roles within the body. Proteins are essential nutrients and have many different functions as a result. Some well-known sources of protein...
  • Inulin - The New Dietary Fibre

    Inulin - The New Dietary Fibre

    Inulin has been around for centuries of years but few know about its existence, let alone its benefits as a dietary fibre. This soluble fibre can be obtained naturally through plant-based sources, such as the roots of the chicory plant, and helps to relieve symptoms of constipation. Read on to discover how Inulin could benefit you in the long and short run, enhancing your...
  • The Multivitamin Series - Women Under 50 Years

    The Multivitamin Series - Women Under 50 Years

    Adequate nutrition is key to many things in life, such as a healthy immune system, regulated hormonal levels and fresh-looking skin and hair. Women under 50 years of age experience many changes, particularly when pregnant or going through menstruation. Vitamins B5 and C, Iron, Folic Acid and Zinc are just five of the vitamins and minerals which are essential to the health and wellbeing...
  • The Multivitamin Series - Women Over 50 Years

    The Multivitamin Series - Women Over 50 Years

    How do we combat the effects of ageing? Good nutrition is just one method to reduce the unpleasant effects that come with age. The average age for women to go through menopause is around 51 years of age hence, when a woman reaches their 50th birthday, they may begin to see more rapid changes to their body, mind and general health. Vitamin B12, Vitamin...
  • The Multivitamin Series - Men Over 50 Years

    The Multivitamin Series - Men Over 50 Years

    Providing your body with optimal nutrition hugely benefits your health, both physically and mentally. As we age, food and nutrition may decrease in our personal scale of importance, falling behind mobility and socialising, for example. Nutrition is particularly important for men over the age of 50 as it keeps us healthy, prevents falls and provides energy. In addition to the necessary vitamins and minerals,...
  • The Multivitamin Series - 5 - 10 Year Olds

    The Multivitamin Series - 5 - 10 Year Olds

    Many young children still depend on others to provide them with food. It's important that young children receive adequate nutrition as this can affect their growth, both physically and mentally, as children aged 5 - 10 years go through lots of change. Their speech and social interaction skills improve every day, enhanced by good nutrition. This includes a range of vitamins and minerals, such...
  • The Science Behind Thermogenics and Fat Loss

    The Science Behind Thermogenics and Fat Loss

    Looking to lose that last bit of weight or thinking about a lifestyle change to shift the number on the scale? Thermogenic supplements (or fat burners) are one way to help reduce excess weight. Thermogenics work by enhancing thermogenesis, the process by which the body produces more heat and burns more calories. Capsicum, Green Tea and Caffeine are three natural ingredients that are known...
  • The Multivitamin Series - Men Under 50 Years

    The Multivitamin Series - Men Under 50 Years

    Men under the age of 50 go through many changes, including physiological, psychological and social changes. Nutrition is important for men as diet is one way to ensure optimal health. 
  • The Multivitamin Series - 11 - 18 Year Olds

    The Multivitamin Series - 11 - 18 Year Olds

    Wondering how a 13 year old's nutrition varies to that of a 50 year old? Here, we give you the answers as to why a child or young adult requires specific nutrients. It's all fair and well knowing that children need Vitamin C and Calcium in their diets, but sometimes it's nice to have a bit more background. Children need a varied diet to grow...
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