The Oxford Health Company Social Responsibility

We value the world we live in and so strive to support people's health and make a positive impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve set emissions and waste goals, set up an ethical and sustainable supply chain, and employ compostable plastics derived from sugar cane in over 80% of our products. For years we’ve been accredited for our Ethical Practices and we consistently rank in the top 3 for our industry in the Good Shopping Guide.

While these efforts form a part of our everyday commitment to positive impact, we also like to carry out individual and ongoing projects within our local community and away from home. This is where your donations can help.

Projects At Home

In December 2020 we supplied over 2,000 pots of Vitamin D3 tablets containing 365 tablets to the Oxfordshire Food Bank. We made this donation to ensure that individuals and families in Oxfordshire using related services would receive this much-needed vitamin. Vitamin D3 is an all-important winter supplement; the NHS and UK government recommend every person takes it between October and March. Some widely reported studies published in 2020 have also shown that it may lower the severity of Covid-19 symptoms.

Projects Away From Home

We work with the wonderful Angela Gorman from Life for African Mothers (LFAM) to help get our prenatal supplements into the hands of expecting mothers in Liberia and Sierra Leone. We have made donations to over 2,000 mothers and will send a new shipment this Spring.

Current Projects

We’re currently working to upscale our local donation project in collaboration with and their 'Oxfordshire Giving Back' campaign to provide a full multivitamin with D3 to key critical worker groups including our front-line NHS health and hospital workers, the emergency services the Oxford Vaccine team. We know recognise that these sectors have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and this is a wonderful way for us, and the wider Oxfordshire community to thank them with this gift.

We hope to deliver a gift of around 18,000 bottles to our NHS workers across Oxfordshire; it Is our intention that the first batches will be dispatched in March 2021.

How Your Money is Spent

We believe that all donations should go to the place where they will make the largest difference. That's why our rules are simple. For our special projects your money is only spent on the materials used. The money is not spent on overheads, labour, or any other business costs we cover those costs and our passionate team members volunteer their time where they can.

That's how we can ensure your money goes the furthest to make the greatest difference.

Getting Involved

If you would like to know more about our projects, our team, or if you want to volunteer to make a difference, then please get in contact with us here. Thank you.