Can Maca Root Powder Help You During Your Menstrual Cycle?

Can Maca Root Powder Help You During Your Menstrual Cycle?

A case study of a polycystic ovary patient applied the natural powers of Maca to establish whether Maca could bring about some consistency to her menstrual cycle. She tried maca powder she said “it seemed to help her to start her menstruation period”. Her previous experience with using the powder has led her to recommend maca powder to other women who are also suffering from PCOS.

The patient reported that she had tried everything from natural herbs to prescribed meds but nothing helped her until she tried out the maca powder. She said that taking the powder not only helped her menstrual cycle but also in balancing her hormone levels. Her favorite blend includes milk such as almond or soy, the maca powder and any fresh fruits in the season.

Maca Powder – What is it?

The maca powder comes from the maca plant, which is grown locally in the Andean mountains in Peru in South America. These plants are included in the daily diet of the locals and said to have healing abilities. The maca plant is considered as an adaptogenic and is packed with nutrients, which helps people consuming the plant to feel more energized, increase sexual activity, and can even decrease stress levels. The plant is packed with 50 different phytochemicals that help balance the body’s hormones and can prove beneficial for women who are experiencing menstrual problems or PCOS. The roots of the plant are said to help offset this condition and promote balance in the body.

In the US alone, almost five million women are experiencing PCOS, which some people say is the reason for female infertility. Aside from infertility, women may have irregular cycles, experience depression and increase in testosterone levels resulting to facial hair growth, pelvic pain and acne.

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