Maca - The Ancient Superfood.

Maca - The Ancient Superfood.

People who are into healthy lifestyle know about the health benefits of the maca plant. This superfood, originating from the high Andean mountains in Peru, is rich in vitamins and minerals; it is also rich in protein, phytochemicals, and tannin as well as complex alkaloids. Many find it tasteful and as such, is a favorite add-on for smoothies and serves as one of the favorite ingredients for many raw food recipes.

Before the superfood became known in the western world, I found myself intrigued with this superfood and decided to give Macchu Pichu a visit. It was a 7-day hike climbing up and down the steep mountainsides. As I was overweight at the time, it was a grueling hike and as I passed the Dead Woman’s Pass, I understood why it was nicknamed as such.f

We reached the crest overlooking the Macchu Pichu after the 7-day hike. The powerful Incans built the ancient city and it was a wonderful and awe-inspiring feeling to see it. With no modern technology and equipment to build the city, it is amazing how boulders weighing 20 tons or more have reached the site.

As I watched in awe, it was difficult for me to comprehend how the Incans could have built the entire city up high in the mountain and considering how I weighed myself and dragging all that on the way up, it is mind blowing that they are able to build the city.

Clearly, the Incans have secrets in their food diet. They purportedly consume quinoa, maca root and spirulina as staples in their diet.

That started my journey in becoming a superfood advocate.

What is the Maca Root?

To understand better what the maca is, below is a brief of what the root plant is and its health benefits.

The maca plant, scientifically known as “Lepidium Meyenii” is an annual plant that grows in the Andean mountain at an altitude of 9000 – 14000 feet. The Incans used the plant not only as a food source but also as medicinal herb, which has the ability to increase energy levels and stamina. The maca is considered as an integral part of the Incan diet even while they were building the Macchu Pichu, in fact.

We all know how difficult it is to build sky-high towers without the proper equipment and humans cannot survive without adequate nutrition in their diet. As one cannot build a city without the right tools, our body cannot function well without adequate nutrition. Superfoods such as the maca can provide extra nutritional support that the body needs to accomplish things and go the extra mile.

Trying something new in your life would lead to amazing things!

Maca is one of the popular life-changing superfoods. If you have never tried it before, why not try it now? It is available in powder variety so you can add it to your favorite smoothie. It is excellent when combined with chocolate, banana or strawberry smoothies.

The maca powder tastes a bit like roasted chicory root that resembles the taste of coffee minus the caffeine. As it is adaptogenic, you get the energy you need without the stimulants that can harm your nervous system.

If this is the first time that you are trying the maca powder, start with a teaspoon and increase the amount over time. You will notice an increase in your energy level. It is subtle so you might not feel the effects right there and then but maca is known as a staple of the Incan’s diet and considering what great things they have accomplished in the past, we would be able to achieve great things as well.

Active Ingredients of Maca:

  • 60% carbohydrates (starch and sugar)
  • 9% fiber
  • +10% protein
  • 2.2% lipid fat content
  • Linoleic acid
  • Palmitic acid
  • Oleic acid

Maca is an excellent source of plant sterols including:

  • Sitosterol
  • Campestrol
  • Ergosterol
  • Brassicasterol
  • Ergostadienol

Excellent source of nutrients:

Enjoy the benefits of the maca powder!

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