Maca – The Caveman’s Aphrodisiac

Maca – The Caveman’s Aphrodisiac

Have you heard about Maca? The maca root is a cruciferous plant that grows high up in the Andean mountain. What makes it amazing is that it thrives in the harshest conditions for thousands of years and has been an excellent food source for the local people. Not only does it serve as a food staple, it is also nicknamed as the “Peruvian ginseng” or the “Peruvian Viagra”. Why? Because the root plant has properties that increase the libido and fertility of both males and females.

The maca plant is not only an aphrodisiac but is also known for other beneficial properties. It is known to provide and increase strength and endurance and helps the body to adapt to stressful situations. The maca root is also used to alleviate menopausal symptoms and andropause as well as regulate hormonal imbalance.

The maca plant comes in different varieties so one may find a purple one in the store, a black one in an organic store, and even a white, red, cream and yellow. The plant grows at an altitude of 14000 feet above sea level. The maca is only one of the two crops that seems to grow in such extreme conditions, and as such, the maca is known to be one of the rarest crop growing in such altitude.

During the ancient times, the people also use the crop as feed for their livestock. They noticed that the plant helped their livestock to become healthier and stronger. Fertility or birth rates also increased which led to the local people to try the root crops for themselves as well. They found out that consuming the plant helps them to withstand the extreme conditions and improve their reproductive health.

What makes the Maca Special?

Research and studies of the plant reveals that it has several properties that can affect human health. The root crop contains essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals and is rich in phytonutrients as well as amino acids. It is also rich in trace minerals and studies are still underway to determine the different minerals that maca extract has.

Maca, many claimed, is an excellent source of nutrition and contains all the necessary nutrients that the body needs; that, it is compared to a multivitamin. If one is not taking any multivitamin and only takes the maca supplement, one will not be missing many of the nutrients that one needs.

One of the best things in taking the supplement is that it helps balance one’s hormone levels for both men and women.

The maca is also an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stressors in life. It helps the body’s immune system to fight not only health conditions but also to cope with emotional or mental stressors. One might not see the effects readily as it requires one to use the supplement continuously to be able to see and receive the full benefits.

For those who suffer from menopause or andropause, maca tablets can also help alleviate symptoms. Its effects vary; some may see the result quickly while others need continuous use to feel the effects.

Side Effects, Recommended Dosage

The maca is not a drug but a supplement; as such, short-term use may not give the result or effects one wants. A continuous use of the supplement is recommended usually at a minimum of six to ten of 500mg capsule per day, which is equal to about 3000 to 5000mg.

Many claimed that the more maca one consumes, the more one could optimize its benefits. That said, too much of something is not good. Moderation is the key. That said, studies reveal no toxicity and adverse pharmacological effects for maca. Studies that include animal test subjects show that the more maca they consume the more active they become.

Maca supplements provide an excellent alternative that one can use not only to boost their sexual health but also their overall health without the side effects of drugs.

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