The Maca Magic – The Secrets Of The Peruvian Superfood

The Maca Magic – The Secrets Of The Peruvian Superfood

Maca was cultivated in Peru and has been considered as the Incan’s superfood. The maca is an ancient superfood that has existed for close to 10,000 years. 15 years ago, we visited Peru and the maca plant was growing perhaps in just two acres of land, so basically the production of this superfood is dying. The maca is known for its medicinal properties as it acts as an endocrine modulator or as an adaptogen. It helps the endocrine system from the pituitary to the hypothalamus.

Because maca affects the endocrine system it has many benefits to the body’s glandular function. Maca’s top priority right now are the women, especially those who are undergoing perimenopause. Every day women rejoice, thanking Maca for its reduction in symptoms.

What perimenopause is?

“Peri” means “around” so basically it is pre-menopausal, during the menopause and after the menopausal stage. We have heard that the maca can be beneficial after one has undergone hysterectomy. We believe that maca works for all the body’s glands from the adrenal to the ovaries. We believe that the maca would be an excellent alternative for hormone replacement therapy. The herb does not have any hormones of its own but it has the necessary components to help the glands to produce hormones.

One of the things about the maca is that it is loaded with over 60 different micronutrients. It contains about 40% potassium and 10% calcium. It is also rich in zinc, iron, magnesium, and silica and phosphorous as well. Not only that but it also contains vitamins AC, D and E as well as high amounts of B12, B1, B2 and B3. Aside from these, it also comprises of 20 fatty acids and 18 amino acids that our body needs. It is the most powerful superfood that we have encountered. Now what is wonderful about the maca is that it contains no stimulant but people feel energized. It can increase mental clarity and focus as well as help relieve stress.

The second largest following of Maca is men who are looking to increase their sexual energy. Maca is known to not only increase sperm count and motility but also egg follicle maturation for females. The alternative market for maca is for elderly people especially those who are prone to calcium deficiency. The maca is an endocrine adaptogen and contains potassium and calcium, which help people prone to osteoporosis; it also helps with skin, hair, nail and bone health.

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