The Many Various Benefits Of Maca Supplement

The Many Various Benefits Of Maca Supplement

There are various benefits that one can obtain when one takes the maca herb supplement and below are some of them.

The maca root is highly nutritious as it is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium and selenium. Aside from these, one would also benefit from the sugar, protein, vitamins, fibre and essential fatty acids.

The maca is not only nutritious but many believe it is an aphrodisiac, which can help improve sexual performance. It helped boost the sexual desire or libido for both sexes as well. A study was performed where it was shown that the maca has a chemical called “p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate” which is said to contain aphrodisiac properties.

Aside from this, maca is also known to help with sexual disorders, one of which is erectile dysfunction. Impotence can be a problem for many men, and the maca is said to help increase the person’s seminal volume as well as sperm motility as it helps balance out hormone levels. The hormonal balancing qualities may have to do with its ability to balance the adrenal gland hormone. The maca plant is said to increase and enhance sexual performance and endurance. A research claimed that it helps women in that it increases libido, fertility and boosts sex drives due to its glucosinate content.

Maca Supplement Research and Studies

According to clinical studies conducted, the maca seems to help women who are experiencing premenstrual symptoms or PMS through balancing the estrogen and progesterone levels. The plant does not contain plant hormones but rather plant sterols, which act as a trigger for the body to increase production of hormones.

In 1997, Dr. Viana Muller introduced the maca plant to medical personnel that practice Complementary Alternative Medicine, in a conference for Anti-ageing. The doctor discussed the maca root and its historical record as a medical herb that the Peruvians use to treat hormonal imbalances, regulate fertility as well as treat menstrual symptoms. It also said to have helped treat hot flashes, osteoporosis, loss of sexual drive, temporary depression as well as vaginal dryness.

Maca Supplement and the Sports Industry

The plant is not only exclusively used to treat menstrual or sexual problems but can also be used to improve stamina and increase energy. Athletes use the plant to help them increase their energy level as well as improve their stamina. The plant can also help people who are dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the past, the Spanish conquistadors saw the benefits of the plant in the Incans who they had conquered. Spanish chroniclers described how the old Incan warriors who ate the plant’s root seem to have increased their strength and endurance. Aside from these benefits, the plant seems to be able to help with memory loss, improving memory and increasing mental alertness.

Maca Supplement and the Human Health

Today, the maca plant is considered as one of the popular alternatives to modern medicine. Some of the benefits of taking the plant is that it helps lower thyroidal symptoms. Individuals diagnosed with underactive thyroid, which is likely caused by hormonal imbalance had shown improvement in their conditions. As maca helps regulate hormonal imbalance, it improves and balances out production of various hormones and since it is rich in iodine, this helps people with underactive thyroid glands.

The maca is rich in iron, which can help people diagnosed with iron deficiency or those suffering from anemia. As the plant is rich in iron and phytochemicals, it helps the body’s immune system, boosting and strengthening it. The presence of glucosinate in the maca helps combat invasive infection that can harm the body.

The plant is also an adaptogen meaning that it helps the body to combat stressful situations and other demanding activities. It helps normalize the body’s function and balances hormone production to help the body adapt and restore it back to normal.


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