Oxford Vitality is Proud to Be Working With The Nasio Trust

Oxford Vitality is Proud to Be Working With The Nasio Trust

Oxford Vitality has teamed up with The Nasio Trust, which is a UK based charity working to make better lives for people living in Kenya, Africa. They work with Early Childhood Development Centres to provide medical care and pre-primary education.

To raise money to support this, The Nasio trust put on events both in the UK and Kenya, they even fundraise for expeditions up Mount Kilimanjaro. One of their other ventures is their use of Spirulina to improve the nutritional status of children in Kenya. As a result they have associated with writers Helen Peacocke and Sylvia Vetta to promote Spirulina through their book ‘Green Power’. It champions the use of Spirulina in everyday recipes, and enhances the nutritional content of these dishes tenfold. All money made on the book will be given to The Nasio Trust charity.

We have teamed up to offer you a pack of 1000g of High Quality, Organic Spirulina Powder and a Nasio Trust ‘Green Power- The Spirulina Cook Book’ By Helen Peacocke & Sylvia Vetta. Oxford Vitality’s Spirulina is approved by the Organic Food Federation.

Spirulina is a freshwater blue-green algae native to lakes of Africa and South America. Spirulina is a highly adaptable living organism that is able to survive in adverse conditions such as habitats with poor water supply, high salinity or fluctuating temperatures.

In recent years the popularity of Spirulina has rocketed. This because it is considered a ‘Nutrient Powerhouse’. It contains high levels of macronutrients, Proteins, Fibre and Carbohydrates. Additionally, it contains nutrients, Beta-carotene, Vitamin D, C, the B Vitamins, Iron, Iodine, Selenium and many more. There are many attractions to using Spirulina, not only for its nutrition but it health benefits too. Spirulina is though to contain many antioxidants, which scavenge dangerous free radicals that cause oxidation and damage to our cells. Furthermore, it is thought to assist the immune system, improving our natural defences and keeping us free from disease. 

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