Peruvian Maca – The Secret Incan Aphrodisiac

Peruvian Maca – The Secret Incan Aphrodisiac

You might have heard of the great Incan empire but have you heard of their secret superfood? The maca root is a staple food of the Incans. The root crop is cultivated at the top of the high Andean mountains in Peru, and it is considered as nature’s version of Viagra.

The root crop is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, Vitamin B12, amino acid, potassium and magnesium. It is also rich in trace minerals such as selenium and zinc – the two minerals that are said to affect one’s sexual health.

The maca plant has been touted as one of the superfoods as not only does it help improve one’s stamina and reduce fatigue and stress level, it also supports male and female sexual health. It also helps women who are experiencing post-menopausal symptoms thus helping them improve their sexual life.

What Makes it an Aphrodisiac?

The maca is also highly nutritious; it contains different plant sterols such as ergostadienol, sitosterol, brassicasterol and ergosterol which some say are responsible for the plant’s so-called aphrodisiac abilities. The roots also contain isothiocyanates, which is another compound responsible for sexual desire and boosting fertility rate. A word of caution – if you do not have any plans of getting pregnant, take proper caution!

Macamides and macaenes, two powerful sex enhancing chemical are present in the maca plant. Although present in limited amounts it is said to be enough to have a powerful effect on the person’s libido increasing both sexual energy and desire.

Maca and One’s General Well-being

The maca’s power is not limited to sexual health but also to one’s overall health. It supports one’s overall health in a variety of ways. As the plant is rich in iron, it can help support production of red blood cells as well as improve one’s bone and teeth health since it is rich in calcium. It helps increase muscle mass and recovery from wounds.

There are several ways to enjoy maca and one of our favorite is adding it to a smoothie. Drink the smoothie before working out and after some time you will see an increase in your muscle mass.

Maca also helps improve women’s moods.

Women cannot avoid being grumpy especially if they have their periods or are undergoing post-menopausal symptoms. Maca can also help improve the overall mental health of women, helping balance out hormone levels to alleviate and ease mood swings, depression, hot flashes, menstrual cramps and even anxiety.

It is recommended though to avoid using maca if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Peruvian Maca is also an excellent energy booster.

For people who are stressed and/or burned out from work and life, their sex life certainly take a nose-dived. Maca is not only an aphrodisiac, it also helps enhance and increase stamina and energy levels. The Incans have used the maca plant for centuries and certainly, it helped them in a variety of ways.

Try adding the maca powder to your smoothie every day and within several days, you will notice an improvement as you will feel more energized. This is just one of the reasons why many athletes prefer adding the maca to their daily regimen allowing them to remain in peak performance for years.

Maca also makes an excellent adaptogen.

Maca is an adaptogen meaning that it helps the body to adapt to certain conditions. As we go through life, we experience stressors that can affect our sex life. As an adaptogen, the maca helps balance and alleviate these stressors allowing our body to adapt to the current condition.

If you have had a rough week at work and need some endurance and stamina, try taking maca powder. The powder would not only help boost your endurance and stamina, it can also help you have the energy to have a fun time in your bedroom. You can also add maca to your workout regimen; remember that what you need in life can affect what you need inside your bedroom.

Maca and Your Body Glands

Maca not only helps your sexual health but it also helps other glands in your body as well especially the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus. These glands regulate other parts of your body and increasing and optimizing production of hormones from these glands would benefit others as well especially the thyroid, pancreas and adrenal. When the organs are functioning well, then your sexual health will also receive a boost, after all – everything is connected!

Studies also reveal that men who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction may benefit from taking maca regularly. Some studies also reveal that maca may reduce the size of the prostate gland. This is an important discovery since as we age, our vital organs no longer function as before and knowing this information can help our sexual health.

Maca and the Cardiovascular System

It is integral to our health that our body’s circulatory system functions properly, as blood contains oxygen necessary for the overall health of the body. The maca contains minerals, which can help enhance the circulatory function in the body allowing blood to flow freely to the parts that need it the most, including our sex organs. As the oxygenated blood flows through the sex organs, it receives the necessary nutrients to perform its functions properly.

Peruvian Maca and the Male Sexual Health

The maca plant not only helps women with their fertility but it also help the opposite sex. The maca helps boost sperm production and motility rate thus increasing fertility. Maca can be added to food such as soups, salads or even baked goods. The easiest way to enjoy it is to add it to your favorite smoothie.

The maca is available in powdered form. Look for raw and organic versions of the maca to optimize and receive the full benefits of the superfood supplement.


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