Top 10 Things to Relieve PMS

Top 10 Things to Relieve PMS

When it's almost that time of the month again, many woman fear the symptoms of PMS far more than the period itself.

As unpredictable as hormones can be, in many cases, premenstrual syndrome - or what we all call "PMS" - may include a variety of symptoms.

For some women, symptoms can be different each month. This can be easy to conclude if you have a regular period. But for those who also go through an irregular cycle, PMS is just downright inconvenient.

A woman can undergo different kinds of symptoms for PMS - sometimes even together at once. It can include, but not limited to tender breasts, irritability, food cravings, sleepiness, over fatigue, and what women (and men) hate the most - mood swings. PMS has gained it's reputation for being a spoiler. You can ask around, no woman enjoy going through this hormonal activity. Here are top 10 ways to help you relieve PMS.

  1. Exercise and be active.

Staying active through exercise will help promote a healthy circulation in the body, which includes the activity of your hormones. A healthy circulation of hormones can help prevent symptoms of PMS. Studies also show that women who stay active have less cases of stress and anxiety – two of the most common symptoms of PMS.

  1. Change to a healthy diet.

Your diet is important to your hormones and how your body functions. Switching over to a healthy diet is an effective way to alleviate and prevent symptoms of PMS. Fruits and vegetables contain natural vitamins and minerals that can keep your body healthy, as well as prevent PMS. Plus, carbohydrates also help in chemical reactions that enhance your mood.

  1. Quit smoking.

A study was performed on women: a group of smokes and a group who quit smoking. After an extensive study, it has been found that women who quit smoking have reduced symptoms of PMS while those who smoke still experience the same. Furthermore, those who do not smoke at all are less likely to develop PMS.

  1. Avoid alcohol.

Some women experience PMS symptoms through cravings for alcohol, which is a perfectly normal PMS symptom. However, the fact that drinking alcohol itself is unhealthy only contributes to the imbalance of healthy hormones in the body. Avoiding alcohol altogether can prevent PMS symptoms.

  1. Limit your caffeine intake.

Caffeine and other drinks containing tea, cocoa and chocolate can massively disrupt the balance of your hormones. This is mostly because of the caffeine content which affects the chemical reactions in the body. Too much caffeine intake can change the circulation of your hormones and affect the cycle.

  1. Practice the art of relaxation.

Yoga and meditation are two of the most effective remedies for anxiousness and tension which are common symptoms of PMS. Thus, to help alleviate these symptoms, the best remedy is to relax. It may seem hard to do, but you can always learn the art of relaxation through breathing exercises or simple yoga.

  1. Take vitamins and supplements.

It’s not a big secret to the ladies – PMS is caused by hormonal activities that produce a variety of symptoms. Considering that PMS is caused by chemical reactions in the body, vitamins and supplements that can maintain the healthy reactions and circulations of your hormones is a good way to prevent PMS. Seek medical advice on what vitamins or supplements would work best for your level of PMS.

  1. Try herbal remedies.

The more natural, the better. Many women have been switching to herbal and natural remedy to treat PMS. From prevention to real-time cure, herbal remedies act as a natural medication for PMS or any other symptom it may bring. This means you do not have to subject your body to foreign chemicals that PMS medicine brings.

  1. Avoid stress.

Stress work two ways in PMS: either PMS can cause you to be anxious and stress over things, or too much stress in your day to day lifestyle can disrupt the balance of your hormones and lead to PMS. Either way, the best solution is to avoid stress altogether. Start by doing some relaxation, then move into diverting your mind and attention to avoid stress.

  1. Control your cravings.

Cravings are one of the common symptoms of PMS. In most cases, these are cravings for sweet, salty and sour snacks. Too much sweet or too much salty may contain ingredients that can affect your hormones and develop premenstrual syndrome.

Ladies, avoid subjecting yourself and the people around you to the discomfort and inconvenience of the dreaded PMS. It is something you can control and avoid. Move through your monthly cycle like a breeze and forget about premenstrual syndrome.

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