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Origins of Caffeine

The word 'Caffeine' originates from the German word for 'coffee', kaffee. This is also similar to the French word cafe. Folk stories state that a farmer moved his goats to a new pasture and found them to be restless. The farmer watched his goats for the next few days and realised that his herd of goats had been eating berries which were later dried and then nicknamed 'coffee beans'. Caffeine is naturally found in seeds, nuts and the leaves of plants which are indigenous to South America and Eastern Asia. The coffee bean is the most commonly known source of caffeine.

Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine is chemically similar to adenine and guanine, two nitrogenous bases that form DNA and RNA. Caffeine is primarily known for its attributes to cognitive performance. Caffeine is a natural stimulant which aids concentration and helps revive energy levels. Caffeine is also thought to improve physical performance by providing an energy boost. Through maintaining cognitive performance, caffeine also enhances the reaction time which is useful during certain sports such as those including hand-eye coordination.

Our Caffeine powder

Our Caffeine powder is anhydrous meaning that it is a highly concentrated source. The powder has been extracted and dehydrated so that our Caffeine source doesn't include water. 

We offer two product quantities to allow you the flexibility of choice when purchasing. We recommend adding our powder to a smoothie for a natural energy boost. Please be aware that this product should not be consumed by those under the age of 18.

Please note- be aware that this product does not include a scoop and this supplement requires the use of scales. We recommend the use of digital scales which are accurate to 0.01g.

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