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What is Inulin? 

Inulin is a soluble fibre, made up of several chains of fructose molecules that are linked together in a way that is indigestible by the small intestine. Inulin is found in many plants, including wheat, onions, bananas, leeks, artichokes and asparagus. The soluble fibre is low in calories, providing just 1.5 calories per gram. 


Benefits of Inulin

Although there are no health benefits approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), EFSA recommends a minimum of 12g Inulin supplementation daily to increase stool frequency. Studies show that Inulin acts as a dietary fibre. The fibre lowers the pH of the intestine which increases stool load, assisting the relief of constipation. Inulin has similar properties to pectin and guar gum, increasing the wet faecal mass by 1.5-2g for every gram of Inulin consumed. Studies show that 90% of Inulin passes through the gut and is digested by bacteria present in the colon. Studies also initiate that Inulin stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, inhibiting the rise of glucose levels in the blood at the same time. Furthermore, Inulin is thought to enhance mineral absorption, specifically Calcium and Magnesium which both contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. 


Our Inulin Powder

Our Inulin is a natural ingredient, extracted from the roots of Chicory, a vegetable or salad leaf that resembles the look of a gem lettuce.

Oxford Vitality offers two product sizes to provide you with the flexibility of choice when purchasing. We recommend the addition of our Inulin powder in baking to provide fibre enrichment, or even as a sugar replacement to reduce the calorific value. Additionally, our Inulin Powder compliments smoothies and protein shakes.

Please be aware that this product does not include a scoop and this supplement requires the use of 0.00g scales which are able to measure milligrams, for complete accuracy. If you do not have scales available, one serving of our Inulin powder (6g) roughly equates to one 1/2 tablespoon. 1/2 tablespoon measurements are widely available for purchase. 

Please note - we do not recommend supplementing with this product for more than 12 consecutive weeks.

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