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Lemon Balm Capsules

Lemon Balm Capsules

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Origins of Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) has been known for more than 2000 years as a medicinal herb. In Ancient Greece, it was believed that Lemon Balm and bees shared a strong relationship and that they used the plant to find the way back to their hives. In addition, Ancient Greeks believed that the herb promotes long life. Many cultures believed that the plant possessed “mystical” soothing powers. In the Middle Ages, the herb was a symbol of sympathy. 

The herb belongs to the Lamiaceae family, which has around 3,500 species, all characterized by strong and pleasant aromas. The Lamiaceae includes a wide variety of culinary herbs, including mint, oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, savory, marjoram and lavender. Grown in many regions of the world, the herb is native to the Mediterranean area, North Africa and West Asia. The leaves of the herb have a pleasant lemony aroma, hence its name. The botanical name of the plant “Melissa officinalis” originates from the Greek word for “honey bee;” as the plant attracts bees.

Lemon Balm is rich in a variety of aromatic and polyphenolic compounds, which might explain the interest towards its functions. Lemon balm is commonly used as a food additive, in herbal teas, as well as in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

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Preliminary comments.

The literature regarding the therapeutic utility of lemon balm is quite extensive. Areas commonly cited as being the beneficial targets of the combination of 'bioactives' (principally, polyphenolics and flavone/flavonoid species) unique to the plant are stress amelioration, sleep improvement, and learning (principally through memory) enhancement.
Having only been taking the supplement for a very limited time (Ca. 2 weeks) it is difficult to give any definitive appraisal. However, all the parameters noted above all seem to have shown improvement - the effects are not massive or dramatic, but rather quite subtle. As I decided to purchase 365 of the capsules at the outset, I am looking forward to seeing if such positive nootropic/stress reduction effects are maintained or become more obvious with extended use.

One point to note: This form arrived the the blue marker already positioned in the 5 star rating category. At two weeks from commencement of use I feel it is inappropriate to assign any such definitive rating; however, the rating cannot be left blank. I do hope that after a further period of use more of the effects detailed in the literature will be apparent, making such a rating wholly justified.

Polly V
So Far So Good

Easy to Swallow and no unpleasant taste

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