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What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is one of the two forms of Vitamin D, the other being Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol). The majority of people who know of the fat-soluble vitamin are aware of Vitamin D due to its deficiency disease rickets. This deficiency condition is less common nowadays than in 1914 when the vitamin was first discovered, however, rickets is still apparent in less affluent countries. 

Why Vegan Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D can be synthesised from the action of sunlight on the skin. In the UK, our winter sun doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation to cause our skin to produce Vitamin D. During times of weak or no sunlight, we rely on dietary sources of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is naturally sourced from oily fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, red meat and egg yolks. Aside from the voluntary fortification of some fat spreads and cereals, it can be difficult for vegans and vegetarians to attain adequate sources of the vitamin. 

Benefits of Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and utilisation of Calcium and Phosphorous which benefit Calcium levels in the blood and helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is essential to all ages as the vitamin is necessary for the normal function of a child’s immune system, and helps to reduce the risk of falling which is associated with postural instability and muscle weakness (a factor that is particularly important in those over the age of 60 years as falling is a risk factor for bone fractures). Vitamin D is required to help contribute to the maintenance of bones and teeth, muscle function, the immune system and the process of cell division. 

Our Vegan Vitamin D3 tablets

Most Vitamin D3 is obtained from an animal source, such as sheep’s wool. Our Vegan Vitamin D3 derives from algae.

Our Vegan Vitamin D3 tablets are only 6mm in diameter which is a very manageable size. We provide four different tablet quantities to give you flexibility when purchasing to meet your nutritional and financial needs. 

Please note - if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication, we advise you to contact your health practitioner before use. Vitamin D3 may interact with particular medications, including cholesterol and diabetes medications. Please note that Vitamin D3 supplements should not be taken alongside these or similar medications. 

We recommend that both the 500 and 1,000 tablet options are more suitable for use by more than one person. This is to ensure that you are receiving full use of the product before its expiry date. For one person's use, we recommend the 120 or 240 tablet options.

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