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What is Zinc Picolinate?

Zinc is a trace mineral found in almost every cell of the body. The mineral is essential for human life as it forms the active site of over 20 enzymes. The average human body maintains 2.5g of Zinc which is absorbed through dietary sources. Our bodies can't make the element so the only way we can obtain Zinc is through the diet and supplementation. Zinc-rich foods include herring, beef, lamb, sunflower seeds and cheese.

Zinc Picolinate is a form of Zinc that is readily absorbed, perhaps absorbed even more easily than Zinc in its purest form.

Benefits of Zinc Picolinate

Zinc Picolinate has several health benefits, including its contribution to macronutrient (carbohydrates, fat and protein) metabolism. Zinc also acts as an antioxidant to prevent the damage of DNA, proteins and lipids. The essential mineral is well known to contribute to the health of our immune system, maintaining fertility and male health by ensuring that the serum testosterone levels in the blood are maintained. In addition, Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, nails, skin, vision and normal bones.

Our Zinc Picolinate tablets

Each of our Zinc Picolinate tablets measurers just 8mm in diameter, a very manageable tablet size. We offer our Zinc Picolinate tablets in four sizes to suit your purchasing needs.

Please note - we recommend that both the 500 and 1,000 tablet options are more suitable for use by more than one person. This is to ensure that you are receiving full use of the product before its expiry date. For one person's use, we recommend the 120 or 240 tablet options.

If you would prefer to take Zinc in its purest form, please click here.


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